Oracle Document Capture

Oracle Document Capture

It supports high volume production scanning from a central location
10.1351.0004 (See all)

Document capture is often the crucial first step in the content management process.
Oracle Document Capture supports high volume production scanning from a central location while Oracle Distributed Document Capture provides a user-friendly web interface that allows distributed enterprises to easily capture images from remote locations.

Both solutions offer industry-standard images from document scanners, automated indexing options, and flexible implementation methods, as well as an efficient means to archive your document images and data. Both products are fully integrated with Oracle Imaging and Process Management and Oracle Universal Content Management to provide organizations with one system to capture, manage, store and electronically retrieve their mission critical business content.

Main Features :

- One capture system for all content types—Identify, capture, and convert paper and electronic documents (Word, Excel, PDFs, etc.) into viable image formats
- Automated indexing options—Streamline document indexing via database linking, database linked pick lists, optical character recognition (OCR), and bar code recognition
- Increased document processing efficiency—Ensure a fast and efficient capture process with production-level document scanning and indexing

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